with a Personal Touch

Managing Your Property and Our Services

  • Advertising Your Property
  • Using such tools as Craigslist, Multiple Listing Service, University Site and the Newspress, we are able to fill your vacancy in a timely manner.

  • Tenant Screening
  • From credit checks to rental references and employment verifications, we make every effort to find the right tenant who will pay their rent on time and take care of your property. We consider this to be the number one and most important rule in managing properties. Good tenants make for easy management.

  • Property Inspections
  • We do routine inspections on all of our properties to assess the condition inside and out and to identify any maintenance issues. We send out a letter to our owners after each inspection to let them know of our findings.

  • Ongoing Maintenance
  • Maintenance is a necessary expense in property management, and the return on your investment can be significantly impacted without timely, cost-effective repairs and upkeep. We have preferred vendor relationships for discounted services and materials and pay less with our on-call maintenance team.

    Ultimately, you will save money and ensure the repairs are completed in a professional manner.

  • Rent Collections & Monthly Statements
  • Each month we collect rents, pay any outstanding invoices, prepare your monthly accounting reports, and disburse the net rents to you. Some of our clients enjoy our complimentary bank deposit service, so your funds are deposited faster into your account.

  • Experienced Santa Barbara Real Estate Family
  • We are one of the oldest Santa Barbara Real Estate families with over 70 years of combined experience managing our own properties and properties for others.We know the business and plan on being here for years to come. Let us help you save time and money and get a better return with less hassle.

  • Complimentary Analysis
  • Don't hesitate to contact us for a free complimentary analysis of your property.